Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eric and Tonya

oh it's on now....

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Brewer

Tied the knot today...

Eric's wedding Cake

bride chasing the groom wedding Caked

Good BOY

Best riding dog ever....

Home sweet Home

Headed up to my buddies wedding. Stop in and see sum friends and pops while there.

Friday, May 30, 2008


it didnt even fill it up.. damn pump cut me off at $75

Something about .......

a girl driving a big ole truck

Skate Boarding

in the living room? WTF?

My Buddy

I am lucky to have Capone. tons of entertainment and company.


wonder what is so interesting?


here we have a set of keys to a storage building, inside is a Goldwing. hmmmm.... should I or shouldn't ?

Charles wishing he had a Q

Charles ordered a moto q 9c but guess what? it aint here yet... LOL

The taste of Victory is alot like a Philly Cheese Steak Sub

charles wanted to make a bet, so i said after i make this add to a blue it will be a DE of .30 or less and he said it wouldn't . I was right, and thus the free lunch from subway. :-)

BOA Blue

mixing bank of america blue. 20 lbs on a Mucci high speed mixer.

Me and Misty

Here we are at the Social at Sonic. Sonic is like the perfect place for these gatherings, but their prices at crazy. Think i'll eat before I go next time and just order banana split when i get there :-)

The group minus me

somebody had to take the picture

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carlos Jr. and Sherry

Everyone havin a good time at the Thursday night Social at Sonic

The Scoots

we just park here

Scooter Meeting

Carlos Sr. and Geezer Bob chatin it up bout the Good ole days :-)


got the scala Q2 installed. i will post what i think of them later.

Cost of rain

I have figured it up, and everyday i have to drive Big Red to work, it cost me 2 gals of gas per day at the current rate of $3.75 per gal. Boy do i miss the days of $0.99 gas. One could afford to drive these big trucks and not think about MPG's. Hell ! Even at $2.00 it's not an issue. 25 gal tank X $2.00 =$50 $3.75 X 25 gal = $93.75 A tank per week and it's a difference of $175.00 per month.


I dont think much of rain. kinda ruins my plans every time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet Bradly

Bradly is Misty's son. He always scores in the top of his class, infact he just finshed a couple college courses and got his auto cad certificate. In 2 days he'll be a senior in high school. Not bad huh? Here he is doin his research on two wheelers....

Misty's Helmet

aint it pretty? now she can go with me to the Sonic Social tomorrow night.

Columbia Powersports

Had to drive over to Columbia Powersports to pick up Misty's helmet. It finally came in, they had to order it from the left coast. While there I saw they had a silver 650 executive and someone was getting service on a blue 400. I didnt have my business cards with me or i'd taped one to his scooter.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

late night

anyone know how bad it sux to have to be on call 24/7 ? BTW..that is PM. only thing is I get paid crazy money for a call in. with gas prices i break about even :-)

My Girl

This is Misty...The absolute love of my life. She keeps me sane in this crazy world. She makes me laugh, and just thinking about her makes me smile real big :-) I am totally head over heels about my Girl...

Dead Dog

I'll have to see if i can set the video res higher.


This is Charles. Charles is trying to get yahoo messenger working. Charles is one of the best people i have ever worked with, he knows what he's doing and just does what needs to be done instead of waiting for me to tell him.

The Cat

Here is our cat Sheena. not sure what to think about her, i am not a cat person, but Capone seems to have lots of fun with her.

The Clock

ok..the one thing i got to pick out was this really cool old style clock. got it from target or walmart. but Misty (the greatest girl in the world) said the wall looked bland and added the candles and holders.

Inside our Apartment

not sure u all can tell, but everything had to match. from the paintings to the thing on the back of the couch and the pillows. Oh, let's not forget the lampshade and curtians. lmao... if it was left to me we'd have bean bags to sit on and milk cartons for tables. And yes, i am glad it's not bean bags

my dwelling

here is an outside shot of our apartment. top floor.. it's kinda good to be on top :-) but the everyday hike up the stairs is a killer. guess i need the exercise, so it's all good.

Mountain Dew

i have been drinking so much dew since i was a kid. it's just too much. about 4 20oz while at work and close to a 2litter at home at night. going to try and give it up this coming weekend. i like water pretty good after i been drinking it for a week or so. tryin to live a cleaner life and lose some weight.

don't be this guy

ex Clemson football star now working the gind like the rest of us. he got hurt his 1st year with the texans in the NFL. He has more women problems than anyone should. And blames everyone but himself. I do know this, he hard headed and aint willing to give any. His way or no way. This guy needs to be single.

Little Gangster

this is Capone doing his prairie dog trick. knock on my door and ul see why we call him little gangster

bad day

this is me after the customer can't decide what they want to match. the book or special color. all while leaning back in my chair and feet on the desk...waiting.....

me at work

me matching a color

My 1st post

this is my office here at my inplant. for those that dont know, i am a senior grapic tech for a large printing ink company. i will post a pic of the manufacturing side in a few. just letting u all get to know me and what i do.