Thursday, November 24, 2011

(Mostly) Annual Thanksgiving Day Ride MY COUSIN VINNY!

Went down to Georgia where most of the movie My Cousin Vinny was filmed.  Yes in the movie it was suppose to be Alabama but as these are the major locations, you can see it was not. 
The is where Vinny and Ms. Veto had their fight scene

This is the Motel they stayed at with the Whistle that woke them up

 This is the Motel where the train woke them up

This was the pool hall 
 Pool hall and fight scene when Vinny was collecting the $200
inside the Sac O Suds NOW

Sac O Suds as of Now 11-24-11

Sac O Suds

inside sac o suds

sac o suds

sac o suds

Spot where they found out about Mud in the Tires

Witness that had trees and dirty widows

Outside Court house scenes from My Cousin Vinny

mud in the tires spot