Friday, June 27, 2008

Charles last hoora

Had to buy Charles a Java Chiller on his last day of work. Charles has been transfered up to Charlotte. He is sure glad to leave Columbia


Don't try one of these, free or not, they are aweful.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aint looking Good

for the ride home...

Broke Latch

can u see the one latch that is broke? BTW... This is a Fulmer Helmet. They must be pron to this sort of thing since we had two do the same thing.

George's Helmet

Shipped it to me from Texas. Needs to be return, the latches broke. It's a modular helmet and has two latches to keep it closed and they both broke. I return mine last week and got a new one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Poor phone..

12 mins after the Ram Mount install, 3 blocks from Mistys work, I hit a bump..not a large bump..regular bump... out of the holder and onto the street, right in the intersection.... by the time I turned around, this is what i got left... Went in search of a AT&T store and bought another just like it. I was mad...still mad...but I have no choice, I must have a phone. :-(


This is my new Ram Mount for my phone so I can see my GPS Nav screen, listen thru my scala headset and never be lost again. Install went smooth, put the phone in, added Mistys work in the check it out, and guess what? wait for next pic......

Ur fault Rick

Darn u Rick....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So I Lost a Bet

Finally lost a color matching bet with Charles, and the prize was a java chiller from Sonic....So the question is, did I really lose?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back at Sonic

Need to beat Rick's ass for getting me hooked on Java Chillers :-)

Guitar Hero III

Favorite game in our house.....nobody wants to play me cuz i shred so well :-)


Juan wants a liquor cycle

Ryans for Breakfest

Hungry folks

Montly Scooter Meeting


Friday, June 20, 2008


Starting from Left, Misty, Greg, Me, George. We all went to Mount Pisgah Academy together and us three guys went to Tri City jr. Academy together before that. This was the 1st time since school George and Greg and seen each other and maybe the 4th time Misty and Greg saw each other since school. Greg and Myself have always kept in touch, while George and myself have too except a few years. We graduated in 1990 except George who was a year behind us. George was also my roommate at Pisgah.

Midlands Area Scooter Club

This is our Social at Sonic Group Picture. Friendly Group of People.

Juan & Marion

Juan on the left, Marion on right.

Scooter ladies

my girl Misty on left and Carlos's Wife Sherri on right..its

New Member

Brian in the center

Meet Lynn

This is lynn from another scooter group in the area.

This weeks Social at Sonic

8 Scoots total....12 Members

Thursday, June 19, 2008

java chiller

ok, Rick from out scooter group always gets a java chiller at our Social at Sonic on thursday nights. So this past weekend Misty ordered one and I tried it... needless to say, a Java Chiller mocha caramel is awesome. So we got a couple this morning, cant wait to get to sonic tonight for another.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, finally after many years of being without my gallbladder, i've had enuff...those of u who dont have one either know what i'm talking about. So i did some research online and it seems that this could be the anwser I'm looking for. I sure hope so.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Won Again

Won a bet with Charles yesterday, so subway sandwich combo today. lmao... it's all in good fun, but victory is sweet !

Monday, June 16, 2008

Me and Greg

This is Greg... Greg has been my best bud since 6th grade. If anyone knows anything about me, it's Greg. We stopped in for a visit while we were in town after our trip out to see fort sumter.

i got two words for ya "f%¢k cancer"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shootin the Guns

Battle Ship

U.S.S. Yorktown

Ft Sumter


Ft Sumter

Pretty neat place with a lot of history. if ur ever in charleston sc, it's recommended u take the tour boat and go see it.


It's Big

Ft Sumter

inside the fort

Ferry Tour to Ft Sumter

On our way out to see where the Civil War began.


in charleston sc just

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Weeks Scooter meeting

Social at Sonic,


Made it home... 1750 miles
it's good to be home... butt hurts alot....gonna have to figure that out before next long trip......

Russell at the Snappy Lunch

now, this was not expected, but we walked into the Snappy Lunch for breakfest, and there he is. I wonder if this is a every morning thing....The barber Shop is closed on thursdays...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Best beer ever.... great after long day of riding...Got over 1500 miles so far the trip.

Hmmmm spread'em

i didnt care as long as deputy Fife wasnt gonna do a cavity search. lmao

Burgman and wing

at the couthouse


Cheap...I mean Cheap gas


Closed on Sundays...I remember Gomer saying that in the show when that high dollar out of towner broke down and needed his car fixed.

Wally's service station

Needed some cheap gas :-) $0.25 for hi test

burgman at Floyds

nice pic

Floyds City Barber Shop

Finally made it to Floyds. This alone made the trip for me. This is not Floyd and there never was. Russell has been here 61 years and is the last barber to cut Andy's hair at this shop. After Russell got out of barber school he had a few job option and choose to come here at the City Barber Shop cuz the guys already here were old and knew he'd get the shop. in 1989 Russell started hanging pictures and other "mayberry things" in the shop and after gaining attention the other shop owners came in to see what he was doing. Soon they all started the "mayberry" thing and had the 1st mayberry days. The town wanted him to put "Floyds" in front of "city barber shop" and he said he would, but said he never did. One day he was asked out to lunch and when he got they had put "Floyds" in front of the "city barber Shop". I asked him what he thought about that, and he said it was ok, cuz he didn't have to pay for it. LMAO... He also says that without the tourist, Mayberry would be a ghost town. We were talking about something and he said he was waiting for his Tax Relief check so he could put a couple gallons of gas in his car. LOL... Russell is a cool guy and can make you laugh, just make sure you stand close to him, best in the chair, cuz he's a little hard of hearing, and doesn't talk very loud. I asked Russell if he had plans to retire and he said in about 20 years, then take a year off and do it as long as he can. We laughed and he continued to say that he would do it as long as he could, didn't want to sit home and die. I didn't ask how old he is, but mid 80's is my best guess, 61 years of being there, and figure he was 20 or so when he went to barber school. He said he had a few kids, they had kids and a high number of great grand kids. He said none of them want the shop and figures the shop will close when he can't do it any longer. So, if any plans on coming up to "Mayberry" sooner the better. Starting in 1989 he had a guest book people signed when they came in, he said he quit sometime in the 90's when he had over 40,000 guest sign his book. he claims over 300k people have come in for a cut since 1989. Since I walked in his shop at 4:45pm and the sign says he closes at 5pm I asked if he had time for one more, and he said yes. The cost of this memory is priceless to me as I have been watching reruns of andy griffth since I was a kid, but the actual cost of the cut was only $8.00, Since he stayed late, I just gave him $15. Anyway, I had a blast and is my favorite part of the trip so far.


as long as there is no rain in these clouds, we will be in mayberry in 30 miles.

Over 1400 miles

picked up a few bugs along the way. Since we missed Mayberry on the way thru...we are heading there now. hope floyds is still open and has time for a buzz cut.

1st stop

been stuck in traffic all morning. finally got to stop for break. :

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


waiting for the motel shuttle... in the rain


with it raining... we hailed a cab

quess what?

it's raining